CUSTOM Equilateral Triangle Shade Sails

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★【Aerodynamic】: Measurement of equilateral triangle shade sail is from D ring to D ring, edges are made slightly curved to prevent middle from sagging for best appearance and performance.

★【Measurement】: Shade sail should be approximately 0.5 ft. to 1 ft. shorter than the distance between mounting points barring any cable wire extension. Additional hardware installation kits may be required to create mounting points and tension.

★【Innovative Fabric】: Fabric material is permeable, allows water and airflow to go through to prevent pooling water. 95% UV blockage, significantly reducing harmful UV rays and ambient temperature. Provides a constant circulation of fresh air, perfect for your garden, patio, an outdoor party, etc.

★【Heavy Duty】: Shade sail is finished with heavy duty webbing inside the seamed edges, corners are finished with stainless steel D-rings for easy installation.

★【Stock Sizes Available】: We may have inventory in stock for a lower price.

★【Warranty】: Equilateral triangle shade sail comes with a 5 year warranty under normal weather conditions.

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