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  • Shade Sails Design Tips (You have to know)

    Browse through a host of design tips below! These are a mix of sail mechanics and potential design ideas for you to utilize in your space. While installing mounting hardware is the first physical step to be taken, all of the design factors should be taken into account before getting far into your shade sail project.

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  • How to pick my shade sail

    We have detailed information about the important parts of the shade sails, you can read the content of this page to gain knowledge about it

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  • Customization Options

    We have listed all of the customization options that our factory can provide, or you can call and talk to our factory to determine the results you want and the final price!

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  • Fits perfectly

    Ordered the 28 x 28 x 28 and it fit just right, but sagged a little due to my pole placement.Easility returned it and bought a custom 27 x 27 x 27. Fits like a charm. Looks great too.

  • Easy setup and removal

    West facing deck - regular awning doesn't work, umbrellas don't work, pergolas too expensive! I set this sail up from the roof to the deck railings. Think It took15 minstoinstall - easy takedown for windy days or winter.

  • Just what we were looking for

    Just what we were looking for. We already had one sail using this particular fabric, just bought three more to ward off the afternoon sun on the side of our house. Look for this fabric for a quality sun sail from Amgo.

  • Shaded but windy

    Our patio gets really hot in the summer and you can sit out there. This provides great shade, it gets really windy here and so far no rips in the sail. Rain drips through the fabric so water buildup either.

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